Here's what current clients are saying about us:

Tax Planning

"After completion of our 2017 tax return, Jackie alerted us to the tax savings opportunities waiting for us in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. With just a few tweaks to our business operations, we are now enjoying our tax cuts in the form of greatly improved cash flow. Jackie’s forward vision is integral to our success in business!"

Levi Armstrong, Psy.D., MSCP

Neurobehavioral Consultants, PLLC

Client since 2014

"Ever since we started working together Jackie has been a proponent of using contract professionals rather than employees. This policy has saved us a tremendous amount of payroll taxes over the years. Our contractors love it because they are able to claim deductions for their actual business expenses. When the workforce commission came out to audit, Jackie built our case in a concise and persuasive manner which resulted in a "no change" audit. The IRS later audited our contract labor force, and Jackie again defended our position. We won that audit too, and continue using contract professionals today. The tax savings really add up over the years!"

Raynaldo R Ortiz, Jr. MD

Garland Anesthesia Consultants, PA

Client since 2001


"I always had this nagging feeling that my CPA simply did not understand the business of medicine. Then I met Jackie. She combed through my business records, and reviewed returns prepared by my former CPA. We filed an amended return for 2006 and I got a refund in excess of $23,000!"

Claudia J. McDonald, MD

Client since 2008


"It is extremely beneficial to get clarification of accounting, tax and business ramifications from a team of business advisors . We call our attorney; we get a bill. We call our computer consultant; we get a bill. We call our CPA, Jaclyn J. McGuinness, and we get the carefully thought out advice that we expect from a CPA, but at no extra charge! We have always utilized the Unlimited Consulting Access that Jackie packages with some of her services. We can avail ourselves of her 25+ years of experience in rendering business and tax advice without the fear of the billing clock running endlessly. This service is priceless."

Jerry D. Wells

Access Floor Specialists, Inc

Client since 2000


Business Record Keeping and Tax Planning

"Jackie set up our QuickBooks file and taught us how to use it. She made it easier for us to keep current with customer billing and tracking our receivables. She also taught us to track our sales tax liability on QuickBooks. We get her to analyze our accounting quarterly to ensure that we know where we are for tax purposes. No surprise is the best part!"

Nell Mazoch, President

Pro-Tection Dallas, Inc.

Client since 1998


"Soon after I engaged Jaclyn J. McGuinness, CPA she streamlined my internal record keeping. She set up a program to track my daily sales, my sales tax and the battery disposal fees due to the state. I no longer need to go to the shop on Saturdays to wrangle with a huge paper spreadsheet. Now I take Saturdays off!"

Ray Lewis, President

Belmont Garage, Inc.

Client since 1998


Business Sale

"When it was time to retire, I was facing the sale of our family's retail bakery. We relied on Jaclyn McGuinness, CPA to provide us with a valuation and to gather the financial information needed by potential buyers. Because all of our records were up to date and all of our tax obligations met, we were able to act quickly. We found a great buyer, and we got a high end price!"

Marvin Jackson, President

Belmar Bakery, Inc.

Client since 1985

Practice Management

"While working on the transition to ICD-10, it became clear that our existing Billing/ PM software was not going to fill the Rx. Jackie agreed to sit in on the sales presentation from a competing software provider. She asked good questions to determine that business “best practices” were enforced if staffers use the new software. Jackie’s understanding of the business of medicine is comprehensive. After that sales rep left, she made a suggestion that saved us $10,000!"

"Jaclyn J. McGuinness has provided service above and beyond that provided by my previous
CPAs. Over the years, she has assisted me with the transition of a new Office Manager not once, but twice. Also, she developed a matrix of key practice statistics which helps us to monitor and manage financial trends of the practice. Jackie is engaged in my practice because my success is her business!"

Charles Kasbarian, MD

Client since 2002

"Jackie is very hands-on in working with us.  After the purchase of an existing Ortho practice, she visited every month to insure that we had financial and accounting 'best practices' in place and functioning.  She keeps our financial data up to date so that we always know how we are doing She researched industry data and financial ratios to compare our results of operations.  It is very reassuring to know that we are on track and running on a par with similar practices."

Lateefah Washington, DDS

The Brace Place

Client since 2013

IRS Problem Resolution

"The IRS was dunning me for several years for back payroll taxes which I was pretty sure I did not owe. Another CPA and the payroll service each took a crack at this problem with no results. The IRS letters continued to arrive with escalating urgency and ever-mounting penalties and interest. Jackie researched the error, and was able to clearly demonstrate to the IRS that it was a bizarre processing error committed by the Social Security Administration. The IRS zeroed my account, and I was thrilled to have this worry put to rest!"

Lynn D. Turner, President

LD Turner Investments, Inc.

Client since 2003