About our Dallas CPA Firm

To meet the needs of our clients, Jaclyn J. McGuinness, CPA was established as a Texas CPA firm to provide accounting, tax, and business advisory services to corporations, small businesses and individuals throughout the Dallas  area.  Recognizing that each client has unique goals, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. To better meet the needs of our clients, we have individualized services for clients in industries like Construction Accounting, Medical and Dental Accounting, professional services and various consumer services. These individualized services have enabled us to address their industry specific challenges, compliance needs and standard tax practices.


Jaclyn J. McGuinness, CPA

Growing up in a household with self-employed parents, Jackie watched her father get up at Midnight to slurp some coffee and speed to the bakery for yet another 10 - 12 hour day. Her mother went to the bakery in the afternoon to pay bills, run payroll and manage the afternoon store shift. Her parents were two ships that passed in the afternoon. The family NEVER took vacations except for a mad dash to the annual family reunion over a long weekend. Upon returning to town, they went to the bakery to “check the refrigeration” even before going home. The business defined and ruled their lives.

Jackie realized that there had to be a path to a better quality of life for self-employed business owners. A multi-disciplined business degree presented opportunities to facilitate that life. After passing the CPA exam during finals week, Jackie trained at KPMG for 2 years. Then she founded JMCPA to empower private business owners to take command of their business and financial lives. The initial focus was the Dallas and Collin County areas, but now that services are delivered virtually, multi-state and international clients are accepted.

Over the ensuing 35+ years, Jackie assembled a TEAM of like minded professionals to support exactly this goal: JMCPA clients achieve peace of mind through financial clarity in an uncertain world.

Just like families, no two businesses are alike. At JMCPA service plans are custom crafted for businesses and the owners of businesses in industries such as Construction and Remodeling, Real Estate Investing, Medical, Dental and Mental Health as well as various consumer services.

You might find Jackie trolling the streets in her 1983 El Camino in search of that out of the way antique store…or the Container Store nearest to her last client visit. Since her passion is organization, planning and execution, she could have been a professional organizer.

BTW, Jackie facilitated the sale of her family’s bakery in 2001 and her parents (now in their mid-eighties) enjoy facilitating the businesses of their grandchildren.

Your personal and business life is what you make it, so GRAB what you want it to be…and then Pay it Forward!

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, West Texas State University 1983
  • Certified Public Accountant, Texas, 1984